Choose from a WORLD of TRADING assets

Trade the largest, most dynamic online financial markets in the world, taking advantage of 24 hour investment opportunities.

Select from hundreds of assets, opening positions on multiple markets. Pick from a vast array of global currencies, in addition to a wide choice of CFD’s. Trade leading stocks, indices from all over the world, and a range of commodities, including precious metals, energy and agricultural products.

The forex markets offer you the chance to benefit from market volatility around the clock, whichever direction the markets are moving. React in real time to fresh opportunities as they are developing, executing trades instantly on SimpleTrades’ stable, secure and highly available platform.

With SimpleTrades, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from trading forex and CFD’s with a fully licensed broker that adheres strictly to the highest regulatory standards. In addition, whichever asset type you choose to trade, you can benefit from generous trading terms every time you open a new position.


Pick from a vast selection of global currencies, trading a wide choice of major, minor and exotic pairs, on the SimpleTrades forex platform.

Trade the lucrative and highly volatile foreign exchange markets 24 hours a day on our powerful, reliable platforms. You can open single or multiple trading positions simultaneously, from any location, at any time. Do it via a wide range of trading platforms designed to give you the freedom to move whilst keeping an eye on the market and on your trading account.

Benefit from the most advantageous trading conditions on hundreds of the world’s most popular currencies from the US Dollar, to the Euro and the Yen, enjoying versatile leverage and narrow spreads.

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At SimpleTrades you can share in the success of the world’s biggest brands from every kind of industry.

Choose from our extensive list of leading global stocks and get a slice of the action from the largest companies in a variety of verticals.

Trade on household names in tech, like Google, food and beverage companies like McDonalds  and Coca Cola, or online retail giants like Amazon. Alternatively you can select from, auto companies like Fiat and BMW, or social networks like Instagram and Twitter as well as scores of others.

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SimpleTrades enables you to choose from a broad and varied selection of Contracts for Difference (CFD’s). With CFD’s you can trade virtually, on the shifting price of underlying assets, 24 hours a day, without having to buy the actual financial product.

At SimpleTrades you can mitigate risk by making investments across multiple global markets. Diversify your portfolio, with a range of popular stocks, like Amazon and eBay, indices like the Dow Jones and the DAX, precious metals like gold and silver, agricultural products like coffee and sugar, or energy commodities like oil and gas.

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At SimpleTrades you can trade on indices from all over the world. Grow your portfolio, taking advantage of varied market conditions on multiple exchanges.

Pick from an array of leading international exchanges, from the Hong Kong Hang Seng and the Japanese Nikkei, to the American Nasdaq, the German DAX, the UK FTSE and many others.

Our dedicated account managers are there every step of the way to help you best exploit the array of trading tools and technical indicators offered on the SimpleTrades platform to evaluate the market trajectory of your chosen index.

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SimpleTrades offers you the chance to invest in a wide choice of commodities markets, expanding your portfolio while minimizing your exposure to risk.

Enhance your profit potential, diversifying with a range of different types of raw trading products from around the world. Take advantage of commodity trading opportunities, the moment they occur, choosing from a range of energy products like crude oil and natural gas, metals like gold, copper or silver, and agricultural resources like wheat, corn or coffee.

Explore new revenue streams around the clock benefiting from differing trading conditions on a variety of highly volatile, global commodities markets.

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SimpleTrades offers an extensive choice of platforms accessible via your mobile phone or tablet so you can seize market opportunities, while on the move.
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